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Landscape and Sports Grass

We were one of the first manufacturers of Artificial Grass in India starting our Production in 2015. We offer our customers a range of grass for flooring and vertical garden Applications 

Double Layer Backing Grass

Double layer grass has an additional PP woven fabric at the back for increased dimensional stability. We offer double layer grass in UV fastness quality made from 100% virgin raw material and with a 3-5 year warranty in various qualities. We make the Double layered backing grass in the following Pile Heights in various densities:

  1. 20 MM

  2. 25 MM

  3. 35 MM

  4. 45 MM

61S3PAgj53L (2).jpg

Single Layer Backing Grass

We offer a single layer grass quality with only the Primary backing and without the secondary mesh. This quality is light in weight and mostly suitable for wall applications and floor applications where the grass is rolled and reused several times. The Qualities made in this are :

  1. 20 MM

  2. 25 MM

  3. 35MM

Sports Grass

We offer the sports grass in many customizable formats for the fields. We offer it in only straight yarn of PP made from 100 percent virgin material in green color. We make this qualiy upto 50 mm according to the customers need

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